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Scrabble Help: How to Maximize Your Tiles and Scores

The best Scrabble help is the one that could help you become a sure winner. Word tips for Scrabble players are available, depending on the strategy you wanted to learn and master in the long run. It is not just a game of words after all. Scrabble requires you to be strategic and wise in your every move, making sure that you are on top of your game and ahead of your opponents. So how do the pros do it?

Scrabble Help for Champions in the Making

A Scrabble word finder is just one of the most effective and high-quality tools you could ever use in order to maximize your game and score. Experts in this board game such as Erik Arneson, suggest saving your letters in a quest for a Bingo. Save important letters and use them later especially in making the biggest words hence hitting the Bingo mark. Don’t just throw everything down because they just might have a much better use rather than the one you have right now. Letters such as S, R, N, A, E, and I are just a few of the tiles you need to look into. Take note that a Bingo is worth 50 points, meaning you used all 7 tiles on your rack in one move.

Another wise Scrabble help that could give you triple scores is to use the bonus or hot spots in order to hit triple word scores. Why would you waste a triple word score for a low-scoring or two-letter word in the first place? Create a long word or words with highest scoring letters and make your score explode big time.

Learn the essential tips for the best Scrabble help and you’ll certainly enjoy the fame and prestige of being dubbed as the champ. Scrabble cheat and tricks can make that possible, especially with the right sources.

Posted on Mon 01 May 2017
by Zelma
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